In this article I'm going to cover a few tips and tricks for turning your CUSTOM IRON ON PATCHES into a success. You'll learn the secrets of a successful CUSTOM IRON ON PATCHES business, as well as the strategies you should use to make your CUSTOM IRON ON PATCHEs UK stand out.

How To Sell Custom Iron On Patches UK

If you're thinking about selling your own custom patches, you've probably wondered how to get started. It's actually quite simple. There are several options available to you, from the ready-made blanks to custom-cut patches. The ready-made patches are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They're also made using special equipment that speeds up the production process.

Custom Iron On Patches UK Strategies For Beginners

Iron on patches UK are a simple way to update your clothing and accessories. These patches are great for shoes, hats, and other items that need a new look. The process is simple, and the iron on instructions walk you through the entire process. However, be aware that high heat may damage certain fabrics, such as polyester.

For the best results, purchase iron-on patches that match the color of the garment. Try to purchase one that is smaller than the hole that you want to patch. Using iron-on patches on denim jackets is a good option because denim contains cotton fibers that will adhere to the adhesive without getting damaged by the hot iron.

The Secret Of Successful Custom Iron On Patches UK

When you're designing a patch for your next project, there are several steps you need to take. Ironing on a patch requires firm pressure for about 30 seconds, allowing the patch to cool for five minutes before attaching it to the garment. If you're adding letters to your patch, you'll need to iron the area behind the patch for 30 seconds and then let it cool for five minutes before sewing. Finally, you'll need to sew a single or double stitch around the patch's border for extra security.

When you order a custom patch from a custom printing company, you'll want to choose the type of border you want to add to your patch. Hot Cut borders are recommended for custom iron on patches that feature embroidery or cutout designs. You'll need to approve the design before the order can be placed.

The Best Way To Custom Iron On Patches UK

There are many ways to attach custom iron on patches, but hand-sewing is still the most reliable option. While sewing a single patch shouldn't be a huge deal, it can be a little more complicated if you're trying to attach several cloth patches. In that case, you'll need a sewing machine or embroidery machine. You can also use pins to attach the patch.

While iron-on patches are convenient, sewing them on is a more permanent option. It binds the patch to the surface. It can also lose its adhesion over time, especially after washing. Sewn patches can be applied to most fabrics, but flexible fabrics can be damaged by stitching them.


Custom iron on patches are a great way to show off your organization's logo or slogan. However, you should be cautious when using them on clothing. You should be careful not to use them on polyester because they will melt. It is better to stick with cotton or wool. This way, you will not have any issues with fraying or tearing.

One of the main benefits of custom iron on patches is that they are easy to apply. You can use them on a variety of items, including shirts, hats, and other accessories. They also come in a variety of backing materials, including iron-on, sew-on, or velcro. Embroidered patches can be difficult to replicate, so be sure to choose bold fonts and large text. In addition, avoid using the same color background for the patch, because this can obscure the logo or design. Instead, use different colors.